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CrossFire, is a group consisting of 3 producers/djs/artists with several years of experience on the music scene. Apart from producing and Djing, CrossFire is a live act on stage known for turning the concert into a big party. CrossFire has been touring for the past three years, the tour also includes some very appreciated opening acts in scandinavia for multi platinum artists like Chris Brown, Pitbull and Calle 13 (Multiple GRAMMY & LATIN GRAMMY Winning Duo From Puerto Rico).

The group started when Rigo & Cribe met with Rob in a studio in Stockholm, knowing each other for more than 15 years working on various projects on each side, it was time to create something together. They recorded the first track and a new musical concept was born, CrossFire.

The first single Lady was a big smash hit in Sweden in 2009 with heavy rotation on swedish national radio and one of the most played music videos on MTV. The following year CrossFire recorded a Spanglish remix of Lady for Chile featuring Dj Mendez, it became Chile’s summer hit of 2010, was no.1 in more than 18 weeks and stayed in the Top10 charts for many months.

The hit song Lady has also been included on various hit compilations, both swedish and international, Lady is still growing and has currently accumulated more than 5 000 000 hits on youtube.

Crossfire is a unique musical concept not only for its innovative and refreshing style of music but also for the blend of diverse musical styles and influences from Jamaica & the Caribbean. Soca, Dancehall, Hip-Hop, European Club music & House mashed up with influential artists from all around the world under the name Crossfire.