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CrossFire – HOT HOT HOT (Feat. Elephant man)

05 de octubre de 2011 | 14:07 hrs.

Una versión CrossFire del clásico «Hot Hot Hot», en colaboración con la leyenda del dancehall Elephant man.

CrossFire – Carnaval Mundial

| 01:55 hrs.

The first single Lady was a big smash hit in Sweden in 2009 with heavy rotation on swedish national radio and one of the most played music videos on MTV, the following year CrossFire recorded a Spanglish remix of Lady for Chile featuring Dj Mendez, it became Chile’s summer hit of 2010, was no.1 in more than 18 weeks and stayed in the Top10 charts for many months.

Crossfire en vivo @ «Otten» – Norrköping, Suecia

03 de octubre de 2011 | 17:36 hrs.

Crossfire presentando el tema «On Fire» live en el club «Otten» en Norrköping, Suecia. (más…)

Fotos de Prensa 2010

01 de octubre de 2011 | 18:41 hrs.

CrossFire Press Photo 1 // 2010CrossFire Press Photo 2 // 2010CrossFire Press Photo 3 // 2010